A look into the future

For most applicants, and then students of Pedagogy, at the International University in Central Asia, the opening  of their own kindergarten, educational center or private school is a dream, and later can be the main goal of life.  This can be a very real dream, because graduates of  IUCA’s Pedagogy program can open educational organizations (A question from JRC – have any of them actually done so??). It was the topic of a meeting of Pedagogy students with the founder of two private Montessori  kindergartens in Tokmok and Kara-Balta, John Tsai.  The meeting ocurred on October 12 at the International University in Central Asia. Mr. Tsai talked about the idea of ​​opening a network of kindergartens and how he and his wife were trained in this method and others.  The students shared their plans with John Tsai and, of course, asked many questions:

— What is the hardest thing about opening a private kindergarten?

— Where and how should we start?

— Also there were questions about what John Tsai thinks about opening not only Montessori kindergartens, but also schools?


Mr. Tsai encouraged students to be more confident –to  go for their dreams. He noted that the Montessori method is one of the most effective. And most importantly, parents of preschool age children like this method very  much. He offered his assistance in the opening of kindergartens: help in the preparation  of teachers for work using this  method, the possibility of doing internships at his kindergartens, and help them to buy equipment for the opening kindergardens.

The meeting energized the students  and gave them additional impetus to achieve their goals.

Begaiym Damirbeki kyzy,

Assistant to the head of  thePedagogy program, IUCA.