Academic calendar

Fall semester Date Day
Orientation   week August 22-24 Wednesday  -Friday
Classes Start August 27 Monday
Registration for the Fall semester


Add/Drop period without penalty

Aug. 27-Sept.3 Monday –  Monday
Academic Council August  29 Wednesday
Independence Day of  Kyrgyzstan

(no classes)

August 31 Friday
Workshop for  Faculty September 8 Saturday
 IUCA Dean’s Lists

(65 minute classes – special celebration)

September 12 Wednesday
Last day to withdraw with grade “W” September 21 Friday
Academic Council September 26 Wednesday
IUCA 10-year Anniversary. Special Celebration September 28 Friday
Professor’s Day. Initiation Ceremony

(50 min. classes)

September 28 Friday
Last day to incomplete with grade “I” change October 5 Friday
Academic Council October 31 Wednesday
Days of History and Memory of Forefather (no classes) November 7 Wednesday
Registration for Spring 2019 November


Monday- Friday
Thanksgiving Day (50 min. classes – special celebration) November 22 Thursday
Academic Council November 28 Wednesday
Last day to drop with grade “X” November 30 Friday
Last day of regular classes.IUCA


December 14

December 21

Winter Teambuilding for Staff and Faculty December 14 Friday
Final Exams





Monday – Friday
Christmas/New Year University Celebration (after 14:00) December 21 Friday
Academic Council December  26 Wednesday
Transcripts on demand December


Thursday –Friday
Winter Break  

Dec. 31- Jan.11



Total 18 weeks

Orozo Ait and Kurman Ait – holidays – no classes

(dates will be announced later).

Spring semester Date Day
Classes start January 14 Monday
Last day to Add/Drop without penalty January 18 Monday-Friday
Workshop for Faculty January 26 Saturday
IUCA Dean’s lists

(65 min. classes — special celebration).

Academic Council

January 30 Wednesday
Chinese New Year (65 min. classes — special celebration). February 5 Tuesday
Last day to withdraw with grade “W” February 8 Friday
Last day to Incomplete with grade “I” change February 22 Friday
Holiday (no classes).

Defender of the Fatherland Day

(February 23 – Saturday)

February 25 Monday
Academic Council February 27 Wednesday
Open house day ( 50 min. classes) March 2 Saturday
International Women’s Day (no classes) March 8 Friday
Nooruz Mayram (65 min. classes — special celebration) March 15 Friday
 Spring Break March


Nooruz Mayram-holiday. No classes March 21 Thursday
Academic Council March 27 Wednesday
Committee Board Meeting.Final qualification papers by programs April


Monday –      Friday
Day of April National Revolution (no classes).

April 7- Sunday

April 8 Monday
Technical Board.Final qualification papers  IUCA.

Registration for Fall 2019



Monday –


Self-Certification April


Monday –      Friday
Academic Council April 24 Wednesday
Last Day of classes for the Seniors IUCA,  HTC

Last Day to drop with grade “X”

April  26 Friday
Over current defense of final qualification paper. Apr. 29-May 3 Monday –      Friday
Examination Period for the Seniors Apr. 29-May 7 Monday-Tuesday
Labor day (no classes) May 1 Wednesday
Constitution Day (no classes)

May 5 — Sunday

May 6 Monday
Victory Day(no classes) May 9 Thursday
Last Day of regular classes. IUCA


May 10

May 17

Review Lectures for the Seniors  IUCA, HTC May


Monday -Friday
Final Exams IUCA


May 13-24

May 20-31

Monday – Friday
State Exams.  IUCA


May 20-31

May 27-31

Monday – Friday
IUCA Transcripts on demand from May 24 Friday
Academic Council May 29 Wednesday
Annual IUCA Festival Commencement 2019 May 31 Friday
Summer Teambuilding for staff and faculty May 31 Friday
Total 20  weeks

Maslenitsa classes 65 min (date will be announced later)