Annual Orientation Workshop for Instructors

The workshop started with welcome addresses by President Dr. John R. Clark, Provost Camilla D. Sharshekeeva and Vice-President Aigul M. Kalchakeeva.  New instructors were introduced to some of the special characteristics of IUCA education – development of critical thinking skills, no corruption in the educational system and the pursuit of academic excellence.

The heads of programs were presented program and each introduced the new instructors in their departments.

A.Kalchakeeva talked about the work that IUCA does within the academic year 2017-2018, university’s focus on accreditation of each program, university accreditation and to receive international accreditation.

There was a presentation by D. Baybagysova, Head of Registration Office, who talked about Characteristics of educational process at IUCA, addressed more specifically on the system of evaluation of students’ knowledge. This is described in more detail in the legislative rules and principles of the IUCA.

After the coffee-break, there was a presentation by I. Nizovskaya “Pedagogy” Program Professor on manual for students, the structure of this manual, submitted unified requirements, agreed with program managers, as well as additional materials to help students.

Teachers were very active at asking questions and sharing views about ethics of instructors, transport booking system.

We are excited by the strong team of professors – both IUCA veterans and those new to the university – who will be teaching the students this year!