Experts from the Court of Auditors gave a practical lecture to IUCA students

Experts from the Court of Auditors of the Kyrgyz Republic held a practical lecture for fourth-year IUCA students of the department of Economics and Business Administration, in Bishkek. The lecture was organized as part of a course in financial and tax control.

During the orientation presentation, students were told about the status, role and functions of the Court of Auditors, the powers of the Court of Auditors Council, consisting of the chairman and eight auditors, and about the Court’s election procedure.

The presentation further focused on the basic principles and activities of the Court of Auditors, the planning of audit activities, the types of audits and the rules for their conduct.

The participants also had the opportunity to ask questions. Points covered included combatting corruption, forms of violations that the Court has observed, and cooperation of the Court with other state bodies, including law enforcement and international organizations.

At the end of the lecture, the guests were given gifts to commemorate the occasion.