Faculty ECO

 IUCA’s faculty has pedagogical and practical experience of work in state, financial and credit and research establishments, in commercial structures and in international organizations.

Teachers at IUCA’s Economics program are:

  Adamkulova E.K. – associate professor – the head of the Economics program.

Education: Financial and Economic Institute, St. Petersburg. Postgraduate Studies, Moscow.
Specialization: accounting, economic analysis, statistics.
 Abdrazakova A.M. is Candidate of Economics, associate professor.
Ainura is the director of the LLC «Wow kg tour» travel company. Specialization: Marketing, Human Resources, Logistics.

 Dikambayev A. – director of NISR.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan, Tokyo.  Expert in the development strategy and state regulation of the economy.







  Kalchakeeva A.M., Candidate Economics, associate professor, vice-president of IUCA.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University named after Balasagyn, Faculty of Economics and Management , specialty «Economic and social planning.

The Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic (Economics – Post-Graduate Programs) Economy Theory.

Training at the Institute of post-graduate education (IHS, Vienna).

Specialization: corporate finance, Economic and social planning.




 Karasartova R.R. is a teacher of the program.

She is the director of public association «Institute of the Public Analysis»

Rita is an expert in the field of the budgetary and tax policy.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University named after Balasagyn, faculty of finance and credit, Kyrgyz law academy, civil law.





   Koychuyeva M.K. – Dr. Economics Sciences, professor of the program.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University named after Balasagyn, Faculty of Economics.

Specialization: International economic relations, Introduction to management, Thesis Writing.





  Myrzabayeva M.A. – docent of the program.

Mynara is the ex-board member of NBKR, the board member of CJSC BTA Bank.

Education: Kyrgyz State University, Moscow Financial Institute (post-graduate course)

Specialization: Introduction to macroeconomics, Macroeconomics , Financial markets and institutions.





 Sarbanov U.K. – professor of the program.

Ex-chairman of NBKR, monetary regulation expert and credit policy.

Education: State University of Management, Moscow, Russia, (Thesis: “Monetary Policy in the Transition Economy: A case study of the Kyrgyz Republic”).

Pew Economic Freedom Fellowship, School of Foreign Services, Georgetown University, Washington DC.

M.S. in Economics, Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Specialization: Banking, monetary accommodation.     


  1. Guest lecturers:

— Sariyev Temir is the ex-Minister of Economy and Industry of KR;

— Akineev Zhumakadyr is the expert in economic problems Dr.Econ.Sci., the prof.;

— Emil Umetaliyev is the president of the Kyrgyz Concept company – the member of the Board of Trustees of IUCA;

— Paul Murphy is the Chief manager of the Hyatt Hotel, Bishkek;

— Beyshenaliyev Nazir – the Chairman of the board of directors «Bank of Asia»;

— Ishenbayev Maksat is the CEO of AYu Guarantor Insurance company;

— Shamkeev Bakyt is the Chairman of the board of the KR State mortgage company;

— Imankulova Saltanat, the manager of department of personnel – Wrigley Kazakhstan LLP of LLP (a segment of the MARS company), Almaty, Kazakhstan. (Wrigley segment, 11 CIS countries);

— Aymen Kasenov is a board member of the Kyrgyz-Russian fund of development;

— Johnathan Whitlock is the manager of a bank in Chicago, USA;

— Tony and Jacky Nelson – the international consultants for the countries of Central Asia (London);

— businessmen trustees of IUCA from the USA and Taiwan, etc.