History of Open House Day

On Saturday, March 2, the International University in Central Asia opened doors to all who wish to study here. The main heroes of the day were the future applicants and students of IUCA.

Many high school students and their parents came to IUCA to learn more about the educational programs offered by the university, and about the student’s life.

Guests were met by IUCA volunteer who answered questions with pleasure and were taken to the conference hall.

The President and Provost of the university welcomed our guests in the conference hall, and the heads of the programs were also presented. Our guests, visited our programs, where they received detailed information. Future applicants showed high interest in asking specific questions.

During the program, teachers and parents of future applicants could also meet with the heads of programs and students. Heads of programs told the audience about the advantages of certain programs, and students about the experience of studying at IUCA.

After receiving detailed information about academic programs and life of the university, guests of IUCA were able to inspect the campus of the university, visit the buffet table and freely communicate with staff and students of the university.