A meeting with the children’s writer


October 25, 2017 IUCA  Pedagogy students met with the children’s writer MюA Kastrigina. Mariam Alimzyanovna writes poetry and stories for children and adults. She has written more than 10 books. They are also published in Kyrgyz textbooks.

Students were interested to know what inspires the author to create? She shared her experience: any little thing can inspire her, first a line appears in her head, then another, then another, and now a poem was done. Question: «Why did you start writing for children?» — Maria Alimzyanovna shared her memories. She started writing poems when she was  a teenager, but writing children’s poems  was inspired by the birth of her two sons. Her first book is called «For boys …» Students could not help asking: «At what time of year is it best to create?» She said she writes in the spring, when her birthday comes and when her favorite lilac blooms.

The meeting was very congenial. Students gained a deeper comprehension of the  how a writer works, and Mariam Alimzyanovna got a new impetus for creativity. Now she is working on a collection of Kyrgyz popular legends, which will be in poetic form. This is not the last meeting; we will see Mariya Alimzyanovna Kastrigina as an honored guest and a jury member at the upcoming contest «Reading to Children»  that will be held at IUCA.