Medical unit

      Tatiana Anatolievna Korkina, nurse

The work of the medical center is carried out according to all the requirements of Sanitary and Epidemiological
Station and sanitary rules and norms.
Medicines are given out on appeals and complaints, both to students, and employees.
Councils and recommendations are given after the questioning of the person who applied.

In November, measures for prevention of flu and colds were carried out and having been continued ( for winter
time), information material has been posted at IUCA , College and the dorm. Medical masks have been

Daily work is carried out on cleanliness and disinfection processing of all premises, classrooms, offices,
sanitary facilities, stairwells and hallways of IUCA.
The plan of the medical center for 2017 — 2018 academic year:

Purchase of necessary medicines on a quarterly basis.

Conducting lectures for students during the academic year:
"Prevention of Botkin's Disease"
"On the Harm of Alcohol"
"About the dangers of smoking"
"Prevention of tuberculosis"
"Antinarcotics lecture" Whose choice is this? "
"Aesthetics of behavior in WC”
"Rules and observance of personal hygiene"