Orientation Seminar for IUCA faculty and staff

An orientation seminar for facultyand staff members of IUCA and GTK was conductedon January 26, 2019.President John R. Clark,in his opening speech outlined the main ethical issues of the university’s work and paidspecial attention to the principle of academic honesty, the problem of plagiarism and ethical behavior of teachers and staff.Vice-President for Academic and Strategic Planning Aigul Kalchakeeva, devoted her presentation to the issues of university academic policy and the preparation for accreditation by five academic programs.

Discussion of eachprogram’s strategic vision, education goals and learning outcomes is a key component in preparation for accreditation.First, Program Headspresented their self-assessment reports, then small group activities and their presentations were organized. This aimed to design syllabi in accordance with the program’s educational goals and desired learning outcomes.

During the seminar the research results of IUCA freshmen’scognitive styles, multiple intelligences and personality spectra, as well as students’ ethical and intellectual development were presented.Also, the Pedagogy Program presented conclusions of asurvey of dirrerent groups’awareness on the IUCA mission which was carried out by their fourth-year students.