Information Technology

  • Information technology is a profession of the 21st century, a rapidly developing field that penetrates all spheres of human activity.


  • A specialist in the field of IT is at the forefront of modern science and technology;
  • Is in demand and gets a high salary;
  • A challenging profession that promotes constant development and brings satisfaction with its work.


What does this program teach?


  • The Information technology Program provides basic knowledge in computer science;
  • Students receive in-depth knowledge in such disciplines as software engineering, Web technologies, computer networks, database design, information security, programming languages, robotics and many others;
  • The study of mathematics and natural sciences allows students to master the basics of computer technology successfully;
  • Studying foreign languages ​​allows the graduate to navigate the flood of information on computer science, communicate with colleagues from other countries, and work in foreign countries.



  • The graduate learns the theoretical bases and practical skills of developing large and complex software systems;
  • The graduate is ready for project activity in the real world;
  • The graduate is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Information Technologies.



  • Graduates are in demand in almost all areas of the economy, business, science, the private and public sectors;
  • Graduates can continue their studies in master’s programs in the areas of software engineering, computer science, applied mathematics and computer science at universities in the US, England, Germany, Russia and other countries.

         Melis S. Osmonov

Head of the program, Ph.D.of Technical Sciences.

Education: Frunze Polytechnic Institute, Department of Energy, specialization: Engineer.

IUCA courses: Software Engineering, Data Structures and Algorithms.

            Polina L. Weis

Weis is an instructor in the program.

Education: Technical University with a specialization in Automatic Management of Technical Systems.

Work experience —  24 years.

IUCA courses: Intro to computers, Intro to Information Technology, Computers in Business and Intro to Internet and Web – design, Computer Mathematics.

list of scientific works_Weis P

            Lyubov A. Altynnikova 

Associate Professor, Ph.D. of Physics — Mathematical  Sciences.

Education: Novosibirsk State University, Department of Mathematics, specialization: Mechanics, Applied Mathematics.

Work experience —  37 years.

IUCA courses: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Logic, Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Discrete Mathematics.

              Nadejda I.  Dudnikova 

Associate Professor, Ph.D.of Physical and Maths Sciences

Education: Kyrgyz State National University, Physics Department.

IUCA courses: Physics I, Physics II, Electrical engineering and electronics.

             Andrey A. Sharton

Head of IT-Department, Instructor.

Education: Kyrgyz State Technical University, Tokmok Technical University with a specialization in Computing Technique and automation of systems.

IUCA courses: Intro to Programming, Programming I, Computer Graphics

            Anatoliy A.  Demidenko 

Docent, candidate of technical sciences.

Education: Frunze Polytechnic Institute.

IUCA courses: Information Security.

  Shaimbek A. Egemberdiev 

Candidate of physics and mathematics sciences.

Education: Issyk-Kul State University named after K. Tynystanov

Work experience —  20 years.

IUCA courses:  Mathematics

List of scientific works_Egemberdiev