Linguistics (English) and ICC

At IUCA, qualified teachers from Kyrgyzstan, the United States, England and Asia — guarantee high quality  education.

Camilla Duyshebaevna Sharshekeeva – provost of IUCA, a candidate of pedagogical sciences, graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages named after Moris Torez. She also is the founder of the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), in 2001-2002, she was the Minister of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic.

What will you study?

  • English;
  • Russian language;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Chinese;
  • Methods of teaching foreign languages;
  • Theory and practice of translation.

Entrance exams:

  • ORT certificate;
  • English language test (only to determine the level of English language);
  • An interview

What kind of students do we need?

  • Curious and energetic;
  • Those who want to master English and other languages ​​perfectly;
  • Those wishing to be in-demand specialists.

Whom do we prepare?

  • Highly qualified linguists who can work in any field of activity;
  • Teachers of foreign languages;
  • Interpreters;
  • Socially active and socially responsible citizens of the country.

              Tatyana N. Dubina 

Head in the English linguistic program. Assistant Professor.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University named after Balasagyn,  faculty of foreign Languages.

Work experience — 31 years.

IUCA courses: English Grammar, English Language Skills, and Phonetics.

   Nurilya D. Sharshekeeva 

Head in the intercultural communication program.   

Education: Moscow State University of Foreign Languages named after Moris Terez
Author of textbooks in English, author of a Large English-Kyrgyz Dictionary.
Work experience — 36 years.
IUCA courses: Business Communication, Public Speaking, Composition, TOEFL Preparation, Communicative Culture.

      Camila D. Sharshekeeva 

Professor, Candidate of science in Pedagogy, Minister of Education and Culture of Kyrgyzstan in 2001-2002, Provost of IUCA.

Education: The Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages named after Moris Terez.

Work experience — 30 years.

IUCA courses: English Vocabulary Improvement, Phonetics, Leadership, and Public Speaking.

   Alena E. Maksakova 

Maksakova is an instructor in the program.

Education: American University of Central Asia — Bachelor of Arts Degree in British-American Studies.

Work experience — 15 years.

IUCA courses: English Conversation, English Grammar, and Composition.

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   Natalya E. Tsukanova 

Tsukanova is an instructor in the English linguistic program.

Education: Bishkek Humanities University, Bishkek and St. Cloud State University , Minnesota, USA.

IUCA courses: English Grammar and Composition.

Work experience — 12 years.

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   Victoria A. Bulatova

Bulatova is an instructor in the ICC program.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University named after Balasagyn, faculty of intercultural communication.

Work experience — 12 years.

IUCA courses: Russian language

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Djaparova J.K. 

Djaparova is an instructor in the ICC program.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University named after Balasagyn, faculty of kyrgyz philology.

Work experience — 27 years.

IUCA courses: kyrgyz language.

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