Linguistics (Chinese)

International University in Central Asia invites you to get acquainted with the rich historical and cultural heritage of the People’s Republic of China through the study of the Chinese language

Head of Department:  Salkyn Syartbaevna Musaeva.

Leading teachers of the field — Akbermet Salamatovna Alamanova, Kuldanbaeva Nurzhan Keldibaevna

Entry exams:

  • ORT certificate (for citizens of Kyrgyzstan);
  • English language test (only to determine the level of English language);
  • An Interview.

Subjects of study:

  • Chinese;
  • English;
  • General educational disciplines;
  • Disciplines of specialization;
  • Elective courses.

What is required of the student?

  • Openness to new beginnings;
  • Diligence and patience;
  • Willingness to cooperate with classmates.

The knowledge and skills gained during the period of study in this programallow the graduate to realize himself in teaching, social, pedagogical and international activities.


              Akbermet Alamanova. 

Education: Beijing International Studies University, Bishkek Humanities University. Specialization: Chinese Language and Literature. Courses Taught: Intro to oriental studies, Chinese language and literature.