Business Administration

Business?        Entrepreneurship?

Management?       Growth and development?       Leadership?

If you are interested in these topics, you will learn and be challenged by the Business Administration Program at the International University of Central Asia.

Head of Department — Gerald Priest — is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and the University of Nottingham.  He has more than 20 years of experience in higher education, business and organizational management.

BA has accredited by accreditation agency — EdNet!

FEATURES:  Our Business Administration program, taught by a highly qualified and experienced team of teachers, provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in both domestic and international companies.  Features of our program include:

Courses in a range of economic and business disciplines

Internationally-recognized certification in Logistics

Interactive teaching methods: case analysis, role-playing and situational games;

Lectures and guest lectures from people like successful entrepreneurs and experienced managers of domestic & international companies, leading experts of the World Bank, and members of the Kyrgyz-Russian Fund

Development of practical skills through Internships, Enactus IUCA and our Business Clinic

Students graduating with the ability to perform in both Russian and English work environments

Quality education with a high level of Russian & of English

Skills of a successful leader, manager and entrepreneur

Two official degrees: the state diploma of the Kyrgyz Republic and the IUCA International Diploma.

Education is the development of a person along with the transfer of knowledge. Therefore, we seek to develop graduates who are:

International-level Business Practitioners — graduates who suitably assess and apply problem-solving skills in all the core functional areas of international business including management, logistics, marketing, accounting, finance & economics.

Appropriate solution-creators — using effective critical thinking skills in research, analysis and problem-solving, graduates combine knowledge from multiple disciplines to create time-tested and/or innovative solutions to problems

Effective Communicators — graduates exhibit appropriate Kyrgyz, Russian & English oral and written communication skills, whether in-person or using technology

Quality Global Citizens — graduates assess and balance the various impacts individuals, society and business have in our world.

Team Builders — graduates understand the team process and are able to successfully develop and work in high-performance teams

Reflective Analyzers — graduates appropriately collect, analyze and interpret both quantitative and qualitative data to provide needed information for managerial decisions

Basic Technologists — graduates understand and use appropriate technological solutions to meet the given needs of a business

If you want to become a successful manager or build your own business, join us in the IUCA Business Administration Program!

Instructors in our program include:

   Gerald Priest

Head of the BA program. MBA.

Education: University of North Carolina and the University of Nottingham.

Work experience — 25 years.

IUCA courses: Social Entrepreneurship & CSR, Business and Organizational management, For-profit/non-profit bridging.


   Anara M. Abdrazakova

Abdrazakova is a candidate of science in Economics, associate professor.

Education: Frunze Polytechnic Institute, 1990.

Ainura is the director of the LLC «Wow kg tour» travel company.

Work experience — 25 years.

IUCA courses: Marketing, Human Resources, Logistics.

list of scientific works_Abdrazakova A


  Elmira K. Adamkulova

Adamkulova is an associate professor – the head of the Economics program. Candidate of Economics. Docent

Education: Financial and Economic Institute, St. Petersburg. Postgraduate Studies, Moscow.
Work experience — 37 years.
IUCA courses: accounting, economic analysis, statistics.

  Aygul M. Kalchakeeva 

Kalchakeeva is a candidate of science in Economics, associate professor, vice-president of IUCA.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University named after Balasagyn, Faculty of Economics and Management , specialty: Economic and social planning.

The Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic (Economics – Post-Graduate Programs) Economic Theory. Training at the Institute of post-graduate education (IHS, Vienna).

Work experience — 19 years.

IUCA courses: Corporate finance, Economic and social planning.

List of scientific works_Kalchakeeva A 

   Dikambayev A.

Dikambaev is an instructor in the program, director of National institute of strategic research.

Education: Kyrgyz State National University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. Graduated from  Institute for Policy Studies, Japan, Tokyo.  Expert in the development strategy and state regulation of the economy.

IUCA courses: strategy and tactics of business.

   Ulan K. Sarbanov

Sarbanov  is a professor in the program, ex-chairman of NBKR, monetary regulation expert and credit policy.

Education: State University of Management, Moscow, Russia, (Thesis: “Monetary Policy in the Transition Economy: A case study of the Kyrgyz Republic”). Pew Economic Freedom Fellowship, School of Foreign Services, Georgetown University, Washington DC.

M.S. in Economics, Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Work experience — 26 years.

IUCA courses: Banking, monetary accommodation.     

List of scientific works_Sarbanov U