• We use modern innovative technology and teaching methods to prepare future lawyers. Instruction  is given by highly qualified teachers – who are also lawyers.



Head of the Law Program:

Candidate of Juridical Sciences –Nurgul Sharshenbekovna Salpieva

Entry exams:

  • ORT certificate (for citizens of Kyrgyzstan);
  • English language test (only to determine the level of English language);
  • An Interview.

Graduates of the Law Program can work as:

  • Judges;
  • Advocates;
  • Notaries;
  • Investigators and prosecutors;
  • Private detectives;
  • Employees of human rights organizations;
  • Legal Advisers;
  • Government employees.

Disciplines of study:

  • Theory of State and Law;
  • Constitutional law;
  • Administrative law;
  • Civil law;
  • Labor law;
  • Criminal law.