“Shrovetide” (Maslenitsa)

On Thursday, March 7, IUCA students celebrated “Shrovetide” (Maslenitsa). Creative students have prepared an interesting and fun program. The program included songs, dances and of course funny games. The guests took an active part. A special moment of the celebration was the dance around “Shrovetide”. This fun celebration is not complete without a delicious treat, pancakes, all the guests tried delicious pancakes on the table.
Traditionally, “Shrovetide” (Maslenitsa) is considered one of the most popular in national holidays. Noisy funny festivities, bright outfits, a rich table — everyone is happy about the arrival of spring. “Shrovetide” (Maslenitsa) is a cheerful conductor of winter, with joyful festivities and chants. Even pancakes, an indispensable attribute of this holiday, have a special meaning: round, ruddy, hot, they symbolize the sun, which shines brighter and longer corresponds to the length of the day.