Student Stories: Sabina Abbasova

Sabina Abbasova|Business Administration

“I have a dream to own a business sometime in the future and I see my future career in the business world in general”.

“I was born and raised in Bishkek, in a family of 4 people, including me, my parents and younger brother. I was fortunate to study and graduate from one of the best high schools in my city – physics math school #61. My senior year in high school I spent on an exchange in the USA with program FLEX. FLEX is the US Government sponsored program with highly competitive selection process where only 96 people out of 4000 get to be chosen. Selected participants spend one academic year studying in American high schools and representing their countries. After coming back from my exchange I applied to study in IUCA where I had a second chance to be a part of an exchange program run by university to Chicago, USA.

On behalf of experiencing and going through Kyrgyz and American high school systems I can tell I noticed some things that can be improved in high school system in Kyrgyzstan. First of all, opportunity for students to focus on their strengths. American schools provide this flexibility for students by giving them a chance to choose classes they prioritize for their future career rather than spreading the focus on 17 different subjects. Second of all, opportunity to develop not only academically but also in extracurricular activities. Finally, develop student teacher relationships where both sides are related more like friends who you can be open and honest with.

What motivates me? My future. I believe that hard work pays off.

My reasons for selecting IUCA: Great professors, American education system, academic honesty, openness and supportiveness of administration towards students’ ideas.

I was selected to be a part of the IUCA exchange semester last spring. I spent 5 absolutely amazing months at the North Park University in Chicago, USA. In order to be qualified for the program, a student must have strong academic performance, fluency in the English language, and demonstrated active position besides studies. At the North Park, I had a chance to have my own American dream happened. I used every chance I had to learn something I would not be able to back to my country. I took some great courses in Advertising, Marketing, Journalism, and Psychology. I joined the rowing team and became a student-athlete. Waking up every morning at 4:30 am might not sound fun but being on a Chicago river every day meeting the sunrise on the water passing bridges and trains was astonishing. I learned everything about American Student Governments and became a Student Government President at the IUCA to be able to apply my gained knowledge in my most favorite university. I was proud to tell North Park students about Kyrgyzstan and IUCA. I tried to not waste the limited time I had and planned ahead to make myself busy every day. This exchange semester helped me a lot in getting more insights into myself. I cannot contain how thankful I am to the IUCA for giving such a great opportunity for students.

IUCA Student Senate represents student body of the university. It is our duty to help and guide students and make sure their college years are the most memorable ones. We serve students by organizing events and trainings, working with clubs and group representatives, keeping them up to date about everything happening inside and outside the university and working on internal communication, developing Senate system, helping students to realize their initiatives, and many others.

I have set short-term goals as building the remarkable Student Senate team, talking to experts in different fields, having multiple internships, learning at least 1 more foreign language, participating at least in 1 helpful workshop every half a year, visiting new places at least once per year and studying abroad”.