The first Round Table on “The Quality Guarantee System of the Graduates Preparation”.

On 28 January, 2019 the Linguistics Department (English) held the first Round Table on “The Quality Guarantee System of the Graduates Preparation”.
The goals:
• Carrying out the satisfaction survey on the quality of education services.
• Research of the problems and achievement of the higher quality in the organization of teaching and educational process on the Linguistics (English) Program of IUCA
The objectives:
• To determine the factors that influence the effectiveness of professional activity of a young specialist, the graduate of Linguistics (English) Program of IUCA
• To evaluate the stakeholders’ level of satisfaction of education results with the purpose of integrating the necessary adjustments into the educational process.
This seminar on the quality assessment of the graduates preparation has demonstrated the maturity and deep understanding of the essence of the current changes in the sphere of the higher education in the context of rapidly changing social and political events in the country.
The head of the Linguistics Program (English) Tatiana Dubina in her presentation clearly and precisely explained the goals and objectives of the Program on the basis of the results of the questionnaire (for the stakeholders, parents, undergraduates, graduates) she designed.
At the Round Table the following people were present and called upon to speak:
1. English teachers of “Ak-Bata” school (Tokmok): Pristavkin E. V., Samoilova G. Yu., Filipchenko E.A.
2. Graduates’ and undergraduates’ parents: Borombaev R., Komandirova G., Ibragimova G., Abdyldaeva, Shipulina.
3. Graduates of Linguistics Department: Dauzova Sabina, Djeksimbaeva Elvira, Ersa Yunus, Abdyldaeva Aizhamal.
4. Students of Linguistics Department: freshmen, sophomore, juniors, and seniors
5. Academic Secretaries: Abdrakhmanova R. Dzh., Maksakova A. E.