About IUCA

The International University of Central Asia (IUCA) is a small and friendly university, created according to an American model of higher education, and which meets the highest academic and ethical standards.

Training programs create a real opportunity to get higher education and to achieve a successful career.

Highly qualified teachers from the best universities of Kyrgyzstan, the USA, China and Russia work here.

Graduates may receive a Kyrgyz state diploma for a bachelor’s degree and an American-style diploma, which is recognized around the world.



Meet our faculty

IUCA President


IUCA Mission

Development of responsible graduates, who think globally and commit to integrity in their personal and professional lives to serve society.


IUCA Vision

Make IUCA an innovative education community which ranks as a top university in Central Asia.

IUCA Values

We value honesty, fairness and openness. We listen to all voices without regard to the status of the speakers.