Dear friends and our future students!

International University in Central Asia asks you to submit your documents online. Application form you can download here. Please send the completed application form and documents to the email address:

After processing the documents, the selection committee will contact you and schedule an online interview.

Applicants who successfully sent an application along with the documents and passed the interview will be recommended for admission.

Please, take care of yourself! See you in the new school year!

Required Documents:

  • Application form (Download);
  • Identification document – passport (original and a copy);
  • High school diploma (original);
  • 6 pictures 3×4 (matt, color) + 1 picture on electronic media;
  • For military recruits- copy of the military ID;
  • State Exams Certificate (ORT);
  • Admission fee – 300 soms;
  • Copies of any other diplomas, certificates of achievements etc.

Tuition fee

For students from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan – 80,000 soms.

For students from Russia – 90,000 soms.

For foreign students from other countries – 100,000. soms

Financial aid

Over 50% of the students each year successfully receive financial aid.

IUCA considers the financial situation and academic performance of the student.

“The Best Applicant” program operates at IUCA with 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% financial assistance.In IUCA, the program “Best Student”, designed for students of 2,3 and 4 year of study.

Скачать форму заявки на финансовую поддержку




12 scholarship places

IUCA covers full tuition for the first 12 students with TOEFL PBT score over 450 and State Exams (ORT) score over 200.

Financial aid

IUCA considers the financial situation and academic performance of the student.
Some of the financial aid provided by board of trustees’ members covers 100% of the tuition including housing and allowance.

Critical Thinking and Leadership

We develop leadership qualities in our students and teach them to think creatively, out of the box.


Our faculty members are highly professional, they come from Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), USA, Europe and Southeast Asia.


In terms of housing our students are provided with comfortable apartments in the city center of Tokmok.

Double Diploma

After graduation our students obtain the national Kyrgyz diploma as well as the American certificate of Bachelor of Arts.

Academic Integrity

IUCA has an absolute 0% corruption and plagiarism policy.

Academic mobility and Exchange programs

IUCA successfully working on multiple exchange programs with universities of Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, China, Lithuania and Norway.

IUCA Clubs

Student life is full and diverse with the help of clubs such as Student Senate, Youth Movement, Multi+, IUCA TV, Enactus and theatrical-vocal studio.

Student Services

At all-times Career Development Center, International Affairs office, nurse and psychologist are happy to help and assist our students.

Student events

Student Initiation, Halloween, New Year’s Celebration, Commencement etc.


Students are welcome to spend their free time on the university facilities such as full equipped gym, mini-soccer field, cafeteria and a student lounge.